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The Bikini Belly Button

Dr. Pratt feels strongly that the ultimate goal of all the cosmetic surgery that he performs is a natural result. With abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck, the ultimate goal is for Dr. Pratt’s patients to be able to sport a bikini without obvious signs that any surgery has been performed.

Bikini Belly Button
Bikini Belly Button Tummy Tuck Patient, Before and After Photo
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There are three tell-tale signs that make it obvious that one has had a tummy tuck, therefore making it difficult to wear a bikini.

These are:

  1. A unnaturally small, floating belly button with a circular scar around it
  2. A long unsightly scar that wraps around the hips
  3. A “dog-ear”, a bulging accumulation of skin and fat at the end of the lower abdominal incision

Throughout his career, Dr. Pratt has continually developed new and improved techniques in order to achieve the natural results that he has become known for. One of these innovations is his method of producing a natural appearing belly button, the Bikini Belly Button, a procedure which he has been performing for about ten years. Dr. Pratt developed the Bikini Belly Button technique in order for women and men to comfortably wear a low cut bathing suit or a belly button ring after their tummy tuck without being self-conscious. What makes this technique unique is that before closing the tissues, Dr. Pratt places special “tacking stitches” which creates an “umbilication” or a natural appearing “innie” type of belly button. Additionally, the scar is hidden in the depths of the belly button, thus avoiding a circular, constricting scar. This technique also allows the size of the belly button to be proportionate to the rest of abdomen, avoiding an unnatural, constricted “pinhole” belly button. View more examples of the Bikini Belly Button.

A special technique utilized by Dr. Pratt in order to make the horizontal scar as short and low as possible is what we call have termed Mega Pleating. The objective of this technique is to allow his patients to wear low, brief underwear, or a bikini bottom. Typically, Dr. Pratt’s tummy tuck scar does not extend out around the hips unless the patient is undergoing a simultaneous lower body lift.

Finally, Dr. Pratt employs several innovative techniques to minimize the chance of having a “dog-ear” deformity mar an otherwise natural result.

Dr. Pratt invites you to view more Before and After photos of his tummy tuck patients, you’ll be glad you did!


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