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Has someone mentioned that you look tired even though you have gotten plenty of rest? Sagging eyebrows, with resultant redundancy of the upper eyelid skin, can cause “hooding” of the upper eyelids, creating an appearance that is often misinterpreted as tired, stern, or angry. In severe cases, partial loss of the peripheral vision can occur as a result of this problem. Additionally, deep horizontal wrinkles or furrows often result from chronic overuse of the forehead muscle, which helps hold up the sagging brow.

These changes are frequently seen in the aging face and can be significantly improved with an endoscopic brow lift, also called endoscopic forehead lift. Following surgery, the eyes will typically appear less tired and more open. The result is a more youthful and less fatigued appearance. This procedure can be performed alone, but Tacoma, Bellevue and Seattle facelift and eyelid surgery patients often choose to receive a brow lift in conjunction with these facial procedures. An endoscopic brow lift can do wonders for your appearance and boost your self-confidence.

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What causes the brows to sag?

Brow “ptosis” or sagging usually occurs as a result of the aging process. The direct effects of gravity as well as frequent use of the frown muscles such as when concentrating or squinting gradually pulls the brow downward. The supportive ligament structures and skin become stretched and can no longer support the brow in its normal position. As a result of the lowered brow, the forehead muscles attempt to hold the brow up in order to allow the eyes to open properly. This often leads to deep horizontal forehead wrinkles and furrows.

Am I a good candidate for an Endoscopic Brow Lift?

You are if you:

  • Have a sagging forehead or eyebrows that hang too low and cause a tired appearance
  • Have deep horizontal creases across your forehead
  • Are in good physical condition with a healthy emotional outlook and realistic expectations

What type of anesthesia is used for Endoscopic Brow Lift?

For our cosmetic surgery patients’ maximum safety and comfort, the endoscopic brow lift procedure is usually carried out under “twilight anesthesia” at our outpatient surgicenter in Kirkland, Washington. A sedative is administered intravenously to induce sleep. The surgical area is then numbed with a local anesthetic. Following surgery, the long-acting numbing effect of the local anesthetic continues to provide comfort for the forehead lift patient in the recovery period. “Twilight anesthesia” has the benefits of providing adequate comfort for the patient and rapid recovery without the downsides of a general anesthesia – namely, a higher incidence of nausea and vomiting, sore throat, and anesthesia hangover. In certain cases, however, such as when endoscopic brow lift surgery is combined with more invasive procedures such as a rhinoplasty, general anesthesia may be recommended.

How is the Forehead Lift procedure performed?

After the brow lift patient is comfortably asleep, the surgical area is numbed with a local anesthetic. The procedure is carried out through four small incisions that are hidden in the hair just behind the hairline. The incisions measure less than one inch each. The forehead skin and muscle is gently lifted and secured in an elevated position. No hair is shaved, and the incisions usually heal inconspicuously. Primarily, the lateral brow is lifted in order to avoid a “surprised look.” The forehead lift procedure usually takes from one to one-and-a-half hours.

What is the recovery like with my Endoscopic Brow Lift?

Following surgery, there will be some swelling and tightness in the forehead and eyelid regions. Most patients are back to work within 5-7 days and fully resume all normal activities in a couple of weeks.

How long will the results of my Forehead Lift will last?

How long the results of your forehead lift will last depends on heredity and lifestyle factors, as well as your aging pattern. Avoidance of squinting as with the use of sunglasses can prolong the beneficial effects of endoscopic brow lift surgery. Also, regular Botox treatments of the frown muscles following your surgery will help preserve your result.

What other procedures can be performed with my Endoscopic Brow Lift?

Although endoscopic brow lift surgery will rejuvenate the upper one-third of the face, improvement of the regions of the face extending from the lower eyelids to the neck might require additional procedures such as blepharoplasty, lip augmentation, cheek lift, face lift, or neck lift.

What are the scars like with Endoscopic Brow Lift surgery?

The one inch scars will be hidden in the scalp hair and typically are not visible.

A sneak peek at what your results might look like

To understand how a forehead lift might enhance your appearance, look in a mirror and place the palms of your hands at the outer edges of your eyes, above your eyebrows. Then, gently pull the skin up to raise your outer eyebrow and forehead areas. Doesn’t that look wonderful?

Why should I consider Dr. David Pratt to be my Brow Lift surgeon?

Dr. Pratt is widely recognized as a world-class, board-certified plastic surgeon and brow lift Seattle / Bellevue specialist with several years of experience in performing endoscopic forehead lift surgery. Since 1995, Dr. Pratt has used his artistic flair and exceptional surgical skills to improve the lives of many patients. His dramatic, yet natural-appearing surgical results certainly speak for themselves. Dr. Pratt, a brow lift Seattle specialist, and his staff are passionate about cosmetic surgery, compassionate and dedicated to patient education. Dr. Pratt’s utmost concern is the comfort and safety of each and every patient. Our modern Seattle area offices offer a warm and friendly feeling, as well as the most recent advances and sophisticated technology available today.

I am interested, what do I do next?

There’s no need these days to suffer from an unhappy or tired appearing face when you actually feel great inside. If you wish to improve the appearance of your forehead and upper eyelid region, Dr. David Pratt can assist you in achieving the look you’ve always wanted. His knowledge, training and experience, combined with his artistic flair, can help you obtain beautiful, long lasting, safe results. So if endoscopic brow lift surgery makes sense for you, we encourage you to schedule a brow lift consultation with Dr. Pratt to get all of your questions answered right away. Remember, Dr. Pratt has been serving the greater Seattle area since 1999 and has many happy and satisfied patients. Why not get started towards your new rested face today?

Dr. David Pratt and his dedicated staff in Seattle, WA believe that your relationship with your plastic surgeon does not end when you leave the operating room. Your long term results are our passion! For questions or concerns during your recovery, or additional information at any time, contact Dr. Pratt.


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