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As the face ages, it gains character, and let’s face it, you’ve earned every last wrinkle you’ve got. But over time, the relentless pull of gravity, the adverse effects of excess sunlight and the elements can leave you looking tired, stressed, or even angry-appearing.

Face Lift
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Face Lift surgery can turn back the hands of time by tightening the neckline, eliminating jowls, and repositioning the soft tissues of the face, resulting in a more youthful and rested appearance. If the effects of age, gravity, sun exposure, or weight gain have resulted in a sagging neck, loose facial skin, jowls, or a loss of your jaw line definition, a face lift may be just the procedure to help restore the youthful facial features that you have longed for.

Seattle / Bellevue facelift patients often combine the procedure with eyelid surgery, brow lift, dermabrasion, lip augmentation or Botox in order to achieve an energized and refreshed look. Face Lift surgery can produce dramatic improvements in one’s appearance, and more importantly, a noticeable boost to one’s self-confidence.

The facelift procedure is one of the most common types of cosmetic surgery performed in the United States. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), more than 104,000 face lifts were performed in 2006. At our plastic surgery office in Seattle, we strive to provide our facelift patients with an appearance that is refreshed, vibrant and – most importantly – natural. Dr. Pratt has offered face lift surgery to residents of Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Everett, Spokane and Kirkland, Washington since 1999. Dr. Pratt has a wealth of experience in assessing each patient’s face and determining exactly what form of face lift will be required to turn back the hands of time for that particular patient. Please take a moment to view our facelift Photo Gallery. You will be glad you did!

What does a Face Lift do?

A facelift can take ten years or more off your appearance by:

  • Tightening facial and neck muscles (SMAS Lift)
  • Repositioning the skin of your face and neck
  • Removing excess fat
  • Improving jowls and sagging jaw lines

Am I a good candidate for a Face Lift?

An ideal facelift Seattle / Bellevue patient would be a non-smoker in good physical health with realistic expectations and proper motivation for having facial rejuvenation surgery. The longevity of face lift results are closely related to the amount of elasticity remaining in the skin. Thus, although advanced age in itself is not a contraindication to having face lift surgery, generally speaking, younger patients with minimal previous sun exposure will have the most long-lasting results. Lastly, Dr. Pratt requires that all of his facelift Bellevue, Seattle and other Washington patients quit smoking at least 6 weeks prior to surgery.

When should I consider having a Face Lift?

Dr. Pratt feels that the answer to this question needs to be individualized. However, generally speaking, you should begin to consider face lift surgery when you find yourself unhappy with the effects of the aging process each time you look in the mirror.

What is the first step?

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. David Pratt is prudent since you can rest assured that your surgeon has received the years of training and experience required of each physician certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. During your consultation, you will have a chance to discuss your goals and concerns with Dr. Pratt and to view Before and After photos of facelift Bellevue / Seattle patients with conditions similar to yours. Dr. Pratt will evaluate the degree of your facial aging, the elasticity of your skin, and your facial bone structure and discuss the procedures he feels will best accomplish your goals. Be sure to ask him about anesthesia, surgical techniques, the surgical facility, and the recovery period. Your meeting with him will be a special time he has set aside just for you to answer all your questions about facial rejuvenation surgery.

Will my Face Lift surgery leave scars?

Yes, because any time the skin is incised, a scar results. The placement of the scars for a face lift will vary with the technique used in your particular case. In all instances however, Dr. Pratt strives to hide scars as much as possible. Dr. Pratt will discuss which technique will suit you best and may advise you to participate in our Scar Reduction Program, depending on your skin type and history of scarring.

What are the different types of Face Lifts and which one is right for me?

Although the basics of face lift surgery are similar from one technique to another, there are subtle differences between the various forms of face lifts. Many terms have been used to describe the various methods of performing facelifts including full facelift, S-lift, lifestyle lift, SMAS facelift, subperiosteal face lift, mini-face lift, feather lift, skin only face lift, quick lift, weekend face lift, bi-plane face lift, string lift, thread face lift, laser face lift, deep plane face lift, endoscopic face lift. Each surgeon performs the procedure he or she is most comfortable with. Dr. Pratt has extensive experience with many of the face lift techniques mentioned here, and he typically performs a “custom face lift” which is tailored to the needs of each particular patient. Dr. Pratt’s “custom face lift” incorporates various components of these many techniques in order to successfully accomplish his surgical goals.

What does preparation for my Face Lift entail?

Prior to your surgery, you will attend your preoperative appointment with Dr. Pratt, at least two weeks prior to your surgery date. At that time, our staff will review your consent forms with you, answer any questions you might have, and the risks and benefits of surgery will be thoroughly reviewed. You will be given your prescriptions to be filled prior to your surgery. You will be given a list of medications and supplements to avoid for two weeks before and after surgery.

Dr. Pratt requires that all face lift patients quit smoking at least 6 weeks prior to surgery.

How does Dr. Pratt perform a Face Lift?

The procedure is usually carried out under “twilight anesthesia” (intravenous sedation) in our outpatient surgicenter in Kirkland, Washington or at one of the area hospitals. General anesthesia is available upon request. During the procedure, the skin and soft tissues of the face and neck are gently lifted and repositioned to a more youthful position. Because Dr. Pratt utilizes the latest techniques in face lift surgery, the majority of the tightening of the face and neck will be in the deep tissues, and not in the skin. This technique results in a more relaxed and natural appearance of the facial skin, thus avoiding an “over pulled look”. Most patients will go home the day of surgery, although facilities for an overnight stay are available

What happens on the day of surgery?

You will arrive approximately one hour prior to surgery. At Pratt Plastic Surgicenter, our OR staff will make you comfortable and acquaint you with our preop area. Your own personal locker will be assigned to you. You will be given a luxurious robe to wear and Dr. Pratt will answer any last minute questions about your procedure or anesthesia and make the preoperative markings on your face to help guide him during the procedure. Twilight anesthesia is generally used, but general anesthesia is available upon request. The procedure usually lasts between three and four hours.

During your surgery, Dr. Pratt will be sure to inject a long acting local anesthetic medication in the operative site in order to add to your post-operative comfort. Nausea and vomiting can contribute significantly to postoperative discomfort, thus Dr. Pratt will prescribe an anti-nausea “patch” prior to your surgery (click here to learn more about our No Nausea protocol.

Following surgery, you will recover in quiet, serene postoperative recovery room. You will be given pain medication as needed, and any nausea will be aggressive treated with IV medications. When you have fully recovered from your anesthesia, you will be offered a soft drink and crackers prior to your discharge home. An overnight stay is not typically required.

What is the recovery period like?

You will be sent home with a gauze head wrap and two small drains which will be removed one to three days after surgery. All of the sutures are dissolvable, and you may begin gently washing your face and shampooing your hair five days following surgery.

Elevation of your head at all times is important in resolving the swelling and preventing any bleeding and minimizing bruising. You will be provided a full set of step by step instructions regarding what to do and not do before and after surgery.

Complete healing will take months, but as each day passes, a more beautiful, younger you will be revealed. By the third week of recovery, most patients will be back to work and resuming most normal activities. Best of all, you’ll be able to really see the thrilling results of your facelift.

What other less invasive procedures are available?

Although a traditional face lift provides the longest lasting results, be sure to discuss alternative procedures with Dr. Pratt. The mini face lift or S-Lift is becomingly increasingly popular for those who are good candidates, since there is less downtime and quicker return to the activities you love.

BOTOX®, and skin resurfacing, as well as soft tissue fillers and injectables can help improve many creases and wrinkles and can often “buy time” before an actual surgical procedure is required.

Why should I consider Dr. David F. Pratt to perform my Face Lift surgery?

Dr. Pratt is widely regarded as a world-class, board-certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience in performing face lift surgery. Since 1993, Dr. Pratt has used his artistic flair and outstanding surgical skills to improve the lives of many Seattle, Everett, Tacoma and Bellevue facelift patients. His dramatic, yet natural-appearing surgical results certainly speak for themselves.

Dr. Pratt and his staff are passionate about cosmetic surgery, compassionate, and dedicated to patient education. Dr. Pratt’s utmost concern is the comfort and safety of each and every patient.

Our modern Seattle area office offers a warm and friendly environment for your procedure and has the most advanced technology available today.

I am interested, what do I do next?

Seeking reliable answers to your questions about face lift surgery? Schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. David Pratt to find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Dr. Pratt’s office serves the greater Seattle area, including Bellevue, Everett, Kirkland and Tacoma, with office hours that suit your busy lifestyle. Go ahead and live your dreams!


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