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Protruding ears that appear to face awkwardly forward, asymmetrical ears, and oddly shaped ears can be surgically improved with cosmetic ear surgery (Otoplasty). The procedure is usually performed when a child reaches the age of five or six. However, ear pinning Seattle specialist Dr. David Pratt often performs the surgery on adults as well. The goal of the procedure is to bring the ears in to a more natural position closer to the head and, in the case of oversized ears, to reduce the size of the outer ear.

Ear Reshaping
Otoplasty Patient, Before and After Photo
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Dr. Pratt performs the surgery in the outpatient setting of our office surgicenter or an area hospital. In children, the procedure is always carried out under general anesthesia. In adults, “twilight anesthesia” is usually used along with local anesthesia, although general anesthesia is available upon request. An incision is made on the back of the ear and the cartilage is trimmed, modified, and sutured. The skin stitches are self-dissolving, thus do not require removal. The procedure usually takes two hours to perform, and the patient is sent home the same day with a gauze dressing, which is left on for a week, at which time most patients can return to work or school. The patient wears a sports type headband for additional three weeks. For the first month, you will be asked to avoid activities that might bend your ear, as it will be somewhat fragile during the healing process. Contact sport activities can be resumed at six weeks.

Since 1995, Dr. David Pratt has had extensive experience in performing Otoplasty in a wide variety of ear types in both children and adults. If you have been wondering if ear reshaping is right for you or your loved one, contact Bellevue / Seattle ear surgery specialist Dr. Pratt to arrange for a private consultation. We will be happy to address all of your concerns regarding you or your child.


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