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Large, pendulous breasts sometimes cause medical problems because of the excess weight. Back and neck pain as well as bra-strap grooving can result from the ongoing task of carrying this additional weight. Skin irritation and open wounds can develop beneath the breasts. Breathing problems sometimes arise, along with poor posture. There are also self-esteem issues that can affect a teenager or woman who has excessively large breasts.

Breast Reduction
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Breast reduction surgery, also called reduction mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess breast tissue to resize and reshape the breasts. It gives relief to women with oversized breasts who endure pain and restriction from normal activities. Additionally, this surgery lifts the nipple and areola as well as reduces the areolar size.

Will my Breast Reduction surgery leave scars?

Yes, because any time the skin is incised a scar results. The placement of the scars for a breast reduction will vary with the technique used in your particular case. Dr. Pratt, a renowned Bellevue / Seattle breast reduction surgeon, will discuss which technique will suit you best and may advise you to participate in our Scar Reduction Program, depending on your skin type and history of scarring. Breast reduction performed via liposuction leaves small scars but is only effective in minimally enlarged breasts.

How painful is Breast Reduction surgery?

The amount of discomfort experienced varies from patient to patient, however Dr. Pratt will administer a numbing medication prior to the completion of your surgery, so that you should be quite comfortable when you awaken from the anesthesia. Oral pain medication will be prescribed to you prior to your procedure. Learn more about our PainBuster Program. Nausea and vomiting can contribute significantly to postoperative discomfort, thus Dr. Pratt will prescribe an anti-nausea “patch” prior to your surgery (Learn more about our No Nausea protocol.

Am I a good Seattle / Bellevue Breast Reduction candidate?

The best candidates for this surgery are women who are non-smokers in good physical and emotional health who suffer from pain in the neck, shoulders, and back as a result of large, pendulous breasts. It is important for Tacoma, Everett, Bellevue and Seattle breast reduction patients to have realistic expectations, especially regarding scars resulting from surgery.

Your initial consultation for Breast Reduction in Seattle / Bellevue

During your initial consultation, Dr. Pratt, a top cosmetic surgery specialist, will evaluate your overall health and inquire about your treatment goals. He will examine your breasts, assessing them with regard to shape, symmetry, size, and the height of your areolae. He will take measurements that will help him determine the new position of the nipples and areolae. Dr. Pratt will discuss your options for treatment, explain the details of the procedure and recovery, and answer all your questions. Finally, he will provide you with a price quote for the procedure. This is your opportunity to speak openly with Dr. Pratt about any questions or concerns you may have.

Will I lose nipple sensation with Breast Reduction?

Although a decrease in nipple sensation is possible, often nipple sensation is actually increased following successful breast reduction surgery. The probable reason for this is that the nerves to the nipple are taken off stretch as a result of the surgery, leading to an improvement in their function.

What does preparation for Breast Reduction entail?

Prior to your surgery, you will attend your preoperative appointment with Dr. Pratt, at least two weeks prior to your surgery date. At that time, our staff will review your consent forms with you, answer any questions you might have, and the risks and benefits of surgery will be thoroughly reviewed. You will be given your prescriptions to be filled prior to your surgery. You will be given a list of medications and supplements to avoid for two weeks before and after surgery. If you are a smoker, you will be instructed to stop smoking at least two weeks prior to surgery. You should not smoke for at least two weeks following surgery. Prior to surgery, you may need a mammogram. Dr. Pratt will advise you as to whether or not he feels that you need a mammogram.

How is a Breast Reduction done?

Breast reduction is outpatient surgery carried out under general anesthesia in our office surgicenter in Kirkland Washington. Breast reduction surgery takes about three hours. Prior to closure of the incisions, Dr. Pratt makes sure to inject a long acting numbing medicine into the chest and breast tissues in order to add to your postoperative comfort. You will then be wrapped in a gauze dressing and ace wraps. Recovery from anesthesia takes approximately one hour.

Recovery for Bellevue / Seattle Breast Reduction patients

You will be discharged to home when you are fully recovered from the breast reduction procedure. Light activity is encouraged for the first two weeks following surgery, but you may go back to regular non-strenuous activities within a few days. Heavy lifting or strenuous activity should be avoided for at least two weeks. Full recovery will take six to eight weeks, at which time activities such as skiing, wakeboarding, and contact sports can be undertaken safely. Your first follow-up visit with Dr. Pratt will be at approximately one week. All of the stitches are absorbable and do not need removal.

Enjoying the new you

While it may be six months to a year before you’re fully healed, you’ll feel much better after the first few weeks. Take time to adjust to your new look and be patient with your recovery. Remember why you chose to have this surgery and enjoy the results! You’ll be happier than ever with your results when you can have fun buying and wearing all the clothes you’ve been dreaming about. You’ll feel that a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders!

Will my breasts grow large again over time?

If you gain weight, become pregnant, or take hormones after your surgery, you may see an increase in your bust size. Aging and gravity may also play a part in causing the breasts to sag.

Will insurance cover my Breast Reduction surgery costs?

In many cases, breast reduction surgery is covered by insurance if the physician deems it medically necessary. Prior to making an appointment for a consultation, make sure to inquire whether or not Dr. David F. Pratt is a preferred provider with your insurance company.

Why should I consider Dr. David Pratt to perform my Breast Reduction surgery?

Dr. Pratt is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has helped countless breast reduction, breast lift and breast augmentation patients achieve exceptional, natural-looking results. Dr. Pratt and his staff are passionate about cosmetic surgery and dedicated to patient education. Dr. Pratt’s utmost concern is the comfort and safety of each and every patient. Our modern Seattle area offices offer a warm and friendly environment, as well as the most recent advances and sophisticated technology found today.

I am interested, what do I do next?

Seeking reliable answers to your questions about breast reduction surgery? Schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. David Pratt to find out if you are a good candidate for this or other procedures. Dr. Pratt’s office serves the greater Seattle area, including Bellevue, Everett, Kirkland and Tacoma, with office hours that suit your busy lifestyle. Go ahead and live your dreams!


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