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Patient Safety – Pratt Plastic Surgery
Serving Patients in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and Bellevue, Washington

Patient Safety Program – Patient Evaluation

Before any procedure is performed at Pratt Plastic Surgicenter, we ask all of our patients to describe in detail all of their medical problems, previous surgeries, medications, and supplements they are taking, as well as any allergies they might have.

Dr. Pratt personally reviews all our cosmetic surgery Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue and other Washington-area patients’ medical histories. Most of our patients are healthy and require no further evaluation. However, based on the patient’s medical history, Dr. Pratt may arrange for additional tests to fully evaluate the patient prior to surgery.

In select cases, Dr. Pratt may require medical clearance by a specialist or the patient’s personal physician, stating that the patient can safely undergo anesthesia and the procedure.


At Pratt Plastic Surgery Center, we use only board-certified physician anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists for all procedures that require general anesthesia or deep sedation.

Surgicenter Personnel

We utilize the strictest hiring and education criteria with regard to all of our surgicenter employees in accordance with Medicare Accreditation (Federal) standards. All staff members are fully screened prior to hiring to ensure the highest quality staff.

Emergency Planning

We have a binding transfer agreement with Overlake Hospital Medical Center in the rare event that hospital care would be required following a procedure. Dr. Pratt maintains full active surgical privileges at Overlake Hospital.

Preparation of Patient and Caregivers

Full detailed written instructions regarding the proper postoperative care are reviewed with both the patient prior to surgery and their family or caregiver following the procedure. This helps the patient and caregivers know what to expect, as well as what to do if problems should arise.

All patients and caregivers are given Dr. Pratt’s personal cell phone number and are encouraged to call whenever they have a question or slightest concern. All patients are called and checked on by Dr. Pratt the evening of surgery, and then periodically by our staff thereafter to make sure all is well.

24 Hour On-Call Coverage

Dr. Pratt is available by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in case of emergency or concerns. When Dr. Pratt is out of town, an assigned Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will be available to care for you 24/7.

Uncompromising Patient Safety was Dr. Pratt’s top priority when planning the Pratt Plastic Surgicenter. In order to assure your safety before, during, and after surgery, Dr. Pratt demanded that only the highest quality and most technologically advanced equipment be utilized in outfitting the operating room and post-operative recovery room. The following is a list of equipment and procedures which will help assure your safety and comfort during and after surgery.

  1. Anesthesia Machine-purchased new in 2006, ours is the finest, hospital grade anesthesia machine available today for outpatient surgery procedures performed under general anesthesia.
  2. Patient and Anesthesia Monitors-purchased new in 2006, these sophisticated, state of the art, hospital grade computers provide a constant stream of vital information regarding your condition and vital signs to the anesthesiologist, surgeon, and nursing staff.
  3. Sequential Compression Devices are special inflatable booties which are connected to a mechanical pump and inflate periodically. Their function is to massage your feet and thereby improve the circulation in your legs during anesthesia. These devices are a must during outpatient surgery in order to help prevent dangerous blood clots from forming in your legs.
  4. Bair Hugger is a special heating blanket specifically designed to help keep patients warm throughout surgery as well as after surgery in the recovery room. Warm patients recover from anesthesia quicker and have fewer complications following surgery.
  5. Antibiotics Before, During, and After Surgery, helps minimize the chance for surgical infection.
  6. Safety Straps are placed over the patient during surgery in order to ensure the stability and safety of the patient on the operating room table.
  7. Special Padding is used to protect pressure points such as your head, elbows, and heels during surgery.
  8. Life Saving Equipment purchased new in 2006, is state of the art and hospital grade.

Additional Safety Features at the Pratt Plastic Surgicenter:

  1. Backup Generator assures uninterrupted operation of all surgical and non-surgical equipment in our surgery suite in the event of a local power outage.
  2. Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler System throughout the entire surgicenter.
  3. HEPPA Air Filtration System assures the cleanest, dust free air circulation throughout the entire surgical suite, a crucial factor in infection prevention. The Operating Room has a positive air pressure gradient, thus no contaminated air from surrounding rooms will enter the OR.
  4. Staff trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)


We carefully monitor your results, and work hard to speed you toward a safe and satisfying recovery. Dr. Pratt demands the safest surgical environment possible, and you should too! Don’t settle for anything less.


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