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Although most of our Seattle cosmetic surgery patients do extremely well recuperating from cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, face lift, mommy makeover and tummy tuck in the comfort of their own home with the help of friends or family, other options are available depending on the extent of one’s surgical procedure and desired level of care.

For those rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty and other plastic surgery patients who do not have a reliable adult to help them following surgery, those undergoing multiple procedures and a long day of surgery, or those who just wish to “live it up” a bit, several options are available.

Option #1
A “23 hour stay” at a local hospital overnight outpatient facility is often recommended by Dr. Pratt for patients undergoing extensive and lengthily procedures, particularly high volume liposuction. This option provides the most comprehensive care during the crucial early postoperative period.

Option #2
Recuperation in a nearby hotel with attendance by a specially trained postoperative care registered nurse. In many cases this is the perfect solution to providing a safe and comfortable recovery from surgery in a non-medical setting

Option #3
Recuperation in an extended stay facility which specializes in the postoperative care of cosmetic surgery. Similar to a bed and breakfast, this type of facility provides comprehensive care, including meals, bathing assistance, and laundry service.

If you are an individual that does not have a reliable adult to help care for you after your cosmetic procedure at Pratt Plastic Surgery, please contact our office so we can go through the various options we offer to help ensure your recovery is safe and comfortable.


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