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Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) in Seattle

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At Pratt Plastic Surgery, body contouring is a complete art. We know that each of Seattle, Bellevue and Tacoma cosmetic surgery patients are unique and that a simple list of just a few procedures may not cover the issues you feel about your body. That’s why we offer not just liposuction and abdominoplasty, but many different types of body lifts designed to pinpoint all the areas of your body that make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable.

Are you a good candidate to become a Seattle / Bellevue Arm Lift patient?

A brachioplasty or arm lift is a procedure that targets the flabby upper arms that many men and women have, especially as they age. Young skin is elastic and tight, but as we age, our skin begins to lose some of its elasticity. And when we’re young and active, we often have a great deal of muscle in our upper arms. Unfortunately, as our lives grow more restful, we often lose some of that muscle mass, and our skin doesn’t have the elasticity to shrink back around the arm, or, worse, fat fills the space.

Or maybe you put on a lot of weight in your younger years, then decided enough was enough. Through a careful program of diet and exercise, you took of the pounds, lost a lot of fat, and gained muscle. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t lose fat in some areas, no matter how hard you try. You know your biceps have grown, but you can’t show them off because every time you try you are embarrassed by the hanging skin and fat of your upper arms.

Although diet and exercise can help you get rid of fat and build muscle, there’s often nothing you can do about the loose skin and stubborn fat deposits left behind, not to mention stretch marks. You feel great as a result of all your hard work—you should look great, too. And a brachioplasty can help.

About the Brachioplasty Procedure

A brachioplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. Before your surgery, make sure to arrange for someone to drive you home from the procedure and stay with you for the first night after surgery. It is also not a bad idea to have help for longer, and arrange a light schedule for the recovery period.

There are three different incision options for arm lifts:

  • Inner arm incision
  • Back of arm incision
  • Axilla (armpit) incision

The location of the incision will determine the location and size of the scar left by the procedure. Although if you follow Dr. Pratt’s postoperative instructions, scarring should be minimal, it will always be present, so you should talk to Dr. Pratt about lifestyle factors such as preferred wardrobe that may affect the desired location of your scar.

Once the incision is made, fat and skin are removed from the upper arms. The skin is tightened and sutured. You will be given compression garments that support the skin of your upper arms to improve results and facilitate healing.

You will need to take some time off work for the healing process, but the amount of time depends on the amount of skin and fat removed, your healing rate, and the type of work you do. Dr. Pratt will give you a good idea what to expect during your consultation.

Results for Bellevue / Seattle Brachioplasty patients

The results from your brachioplasty or arm lift will be evident right away. You will see tighter skin with less fat. This will give much better definition to your upper arms. And as long as you maintain a stable weight and good general fitness, the results should be relatively permanent. Of course, you will see the effects of continued aging, but with proper fitness you may never again see the level of sagging you did before the procedure.

If you would like to learn more about arm lifts, schedule a brachioplasty consultation with renowned Seattle thigh lift, arm lift and mommy makeover specialist Dr. David F. Pratt today.


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