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Thin and aging lips with drooping corners are common concerns of our Bellevue, Tacoma and Seattle lip augmentation patients and can often give a sad appearance to the face. Thin lips can be inherited or may be one of the changes seen in the aging face. Full, round, plump lips can improve self-confidence, sexual appeal, and are considered a sign of beauty and vitality in today’s society. Lip fullness can be restored by injections of soft tissue fillers, called lip augmentation, or through the surgical placement of a soft yet solid form of natural tissue such as Alloderm.

Lip Augmentation
Lip Augmentation Patient, Before and After Photo
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A surgical lift of the corners of the lips can dramatically change one’s appearance. Other treatments include softening wrinkles with Botox injections, dermabrasion and chemical peels or injectables such as Juvederm, Perlane, Radiesse and Restylane. Dr. Pratt has extensive experience with a variety of non-surgical and surgical treatments used to enhance the fullness and shape of your lips.

How long does a Lip Augmentation last?

Lip augmentation is temporary when using injectable fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. This method only lasts up to 6 months. But if you decide to go with an artificial tissue implant, your lips can be restored up to a lifetime. However, the procedure for a lip augmentation with a tissue implant could take longer and would require anesthetic. Injectable fillers are noninvasive and the results will show fast.

What are the risks and complications? 

Like all cosmetic surgical procedures, there are risks involved. Lip augmentation patients can have an allergic reaction to implants or the fillers. An implant that eventually hardens would have to be removed and replaced with a new one. Patients also risk infection. However, to decrease these complications from ever occurring we recommend all patients to bring forth their concerns and medical history with Dr. Pratt during a first time consultation.

How long will the recovery take?

For patients wanting lip injections, the recovery period can take a couple days, unless patients experience mild swelling or bruises, which can add an additional day or two. For patients that want lip implants, the recovery period could take up to a couple weeks.

It may be necessary to schedule some time away from work. If you are physically active, you will not be able to exercise for a few days after lip injections and you will not be able to exercise for a couple weeks after lip implant surgery.

I am interested in Lip Augmentation. What do I do next?

If you want lush, youthful lips, Dr. David Pratt in Kirkland, WA can help. His knowledge, training and experience as a leading cosmetic surgeon, combined with his artistic flair, can help you obtain the results you have always dreamed of. Why not schedule a lip augmentation consultation with Dr. Pratt right now?


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