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On-Q Pain Pump

One of the key components of Dr. Pratt’s Pain Buster Therapy is the routine use of the On-Q Pain Pump system to treat pain following abdominoplasty and submuscular breast augmentation surgery. The On-Q Pain Pump has simply revolutionized effective post-operative pain control in these patients.

How does the On-Q Pain Pump work?

On-Q Pain Pump

The On-Q Pain Pump consists of 2 tiny catheters which are passed through the skin into the deep tissues of either the abdomen during abdominoplasty or the breast pocket during breast augmentation.

A long acting local anesthetic similar to the medicine used by your dentist to numb up your teeth prior to a dental procedure is infused into the surgical site for the first 3 days following your surgery.

Does the medicine used in this pain pump make me drowsy?
Contrary to popular belief, the On-Q Pain Pump does not administer narcotics through your vein, thus it has none of the side effects of such pain pumps such as drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, or a “drugged up” feeling.

Do I need to take other pain medication while the On-Q Pain Pump is working?
The need for narcotic pain medication is greatly reduced, and sometimes even eliminated when the On-Q Pain Pump is used for postoperative pain control.

What happens after all of the anesthetic medicine has been infused at 3 days following surgery?
Once the pump has delivered all of the medicine, the tiny catheters are painlessly removed.

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