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Plastic Surgery Scar Reduction Protocol

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Scar Reduction

Preventative measures such as preemptive application of silicone sheeting and diligent scar massage may be all that is needed to avoid unsightly scarring. Preconditioning the skin with Retin-A for six weeks prior to surgery helps increase the blood supply to the area and controls the production of excess collagen, the main building block of scar tissue.

Routine use of antibiotics prior to, during, and after surgery helps prevent infection and subsequent wound breakdown, which is known to contribute to unsightly scarring.

Dr. Pratt utilizes a meticulous wound stitching technique, routinely employing multiple layers of very fine deep and superficial sutures in order to evenly distribute the tension on the outer skin layer, minimizing tension related scar widening.

Injection of local anesthetic mixed with adrenaline helps minimize the development of blood collections within the tissues which can lead to thickened and bumpy scar tissue.

Scar Reduction
Scar Reduction Patient, Before and After Photo
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Dr. Pratt encourages close follow-up after surgery in order to ensure that troublesome scarring is discovered in the earliest stage. Thickened, hypertrophic scars can usually be easily dealt with if intervention is immediate and swift.

Pressure therapy, specialized tapes, gel sheets, and injections of special “scar busting” medication all help diminish the appearance of a scar. In patients with a history of previous heavy scarring, Dr. Pratt may suggest injections of “scar busting” medication into the scar three weeks following your surgery in order to prevent the development of thickened scars.

A skin lightening cream can be used in conjunction with the above noted treatments in order to help prevent darkened scars.

The Pratt Plastic Surgery Scar Reduction Protocol can be used as part of our surgical plan for most procedures, or as a component of a scar revision procedure for patients wishing to have pre-existing, unsightly scars improved


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