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Breast Enhancement and Breast-Feeding

We have met many different women that have come into our Everett and Kirkland, Washington breast surgery offices concerned about their ability to breast-feed once they have had breast enhancement surgery. We would like all our patients to know that breast enhancement is completely safe and will not impair breast-feeding for most patients.

While certain forms of breast enhancement surgery can increase the risk of low milk supply, they can be avoided by informing Dr. Pratt of your desire to breast-feed your children.

Breast Reduction Surgery – Unlike a breast lift or simple breast enhancement surgery, during a breast reduction breast tissue is removed, which can impede your breast-feeding ability.

Incision Placement – While breast-feeding can be accomplished after breast enhancement surgery no matter what incision is used, there is a slightly higher risk of low milk supply by undergoing breast enhancement with the areolar incision. Dr. Pratt is proud to offer his patients the Secret Scar approach for breast enhancement, concealing scars by placing them in natural creases on the body. 

Implant Placement – When undergoing breast enhancement, the breast implant can be placed wither above or below the chest muscles. Dr. Pratt has found that there is less risk of breast-feeding complications when the breast implant is placed below the pectoral muscles.

If you are considering breast enhancement surgery and are still looking forward to breast-feeding your children, please schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Pratt at either our Everett or Kirkland, Washington breast enhancement offices.


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